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Blue Ridge on the James

Our family had a wonderful adventure and staff gathering on the James River for our summer fellowship! 

Our Commitment to Green

As a business and a part of this community, we take our environmental stewardship seriously for the betterment of our environment and a commitment for our future. That is why you will be seeing us outside doing road clean-up April 20th, and why we are partnering with Royal Canin for recycling used pet food bags!

Please bring your used Royal Canin Pet Food bags to the clinic, and we will recycle them for you. When we get up to 70 pounds, we will be able to make a $70 contribution to a charity.

Help us keep this place beautiful, and help us give back to the community! If you feed Royal Canin, simply bring in your used and empty bags.

Questions about the program? Click on the link below:

AAHA Re-Accrediation


Accrediation through the American Animal Hospital Association requires dedication to higher standards, months of preparing, and ideals to higher praciticing higher medicine. We not only have to adhere to this standard once and pass, but we are subject to a rigorous reaccrediation program every few years.

Yesterday we PASSED AAHA Accrediation!

Thank you so much for all the hard work and dedication the Blue Ridge family has done to provide the best quality medicine possible to your furry family. Thank you also to our wonderful friends and clients that has believed and trusted us with your beloved four-legged family.