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Keeping Your Pet Smiling Bright At Blue Ridge

At Blue Ridge Animal Hospital, our veterinarians understand that good oral health is crucial to your pet’s wellness overall. Just as untreated dental problems can cause pain and negatively impact the wellbeing of a human family member, the very same is true for your pet.

We offer the following canine and feline dental care services:

A dog having its teeth brushed

For the safety and comfort of your pet, our veterinarians perform all dental cleanings and surgeries using anesthesia. Following the same comprehensive guidelines as any routine surgery at our hospital, your pet will undergo pre-anesthetic blood work to confirm whether anesthesia will be safe, and will then be given IV fluids and closely monitored by our veterinary staff throughout the entire procedure.

Dental Wellness in Hospital and at Home

As a preventive measure, our team always includes a dental assessment as part of your pet’s regular wellness exam to check for periodontal disease, broken teeth, gum inflammation, and other problem signs. If a cleaning or more extensive treatment is necessary to correct conditions in your pet’s mouth, we’ll discuss the options available to you before additional work is done.

As an owner, it is also important to understand that just like the other areas of your pet’s health, dental wellness begins at home. The right foods, treats, toys, and a consistent routine that can include regular brushing of your cat or dog’s teeth are all small choices that add up to big results over the course of your pet’s lifetime. When you come in for a wellness visit, our veterinarians will be happy to discuss at-home pet dental care to help you make the best decisions toward keep your pet’s mouth clean and healthy.

Contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment for your pet’s next oral exam or dental cleaning today.