Full-Service Pet Pharmacy In-House

Whether your pet needs intensive pain management following veterinary surgery or simply needs his or her regular prescription refilled, Blue Ridge Animal Hospital’s fully stocked in-house pharmacy will be able to conveniently accommodate all your pet’s pharmaceutical needs.

We stock all common prescription pet medications and preventatives, including flea, tick, and heartworm products.

Online Pet Prescription Refills & Orders

Fill your pet’s prescriptions online

If for any reason we do not have a product in stock at the time of your request, we will be able to order and have it ready for pick-up at the hospital within a few business days. You may also use our online pharmacy for convenient home delivery.

Ordering From Your Veterinarian

There are a myriad of sources on the web and elsewhere that can be used to obtain your cat or dog’s prescription medications. While the choices you make regarding the health of your pet are yours and yours alone, our veterinarians highly encourage all clients to refill prescriptions through your hospital pharmacy.

Whether you choose to refill in-house or go through another provider, always make sure to consult with your veterinarian before ordering any new medication or preventative for your dog or cat.

If you have any questions about veterinary pharmacy options available at Blue Ridge Animal Hospital, please contact us.

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