Complete Veterinary Care in Bedford, VA

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At Blue Ridge Animal Hospital, we aim to make the widest possible range of veterinary services available to pet owners in the Bedford community. Choosing to work with our practice means your pet will always have his or her basic health needs covered, and will always have a reliable place to go when more urgent or intensive care is needed.

Across the life stages, puppies and kittens and senior pets alike have access to the following and more at our facility:

  • Pet Wellness & Preventive Care

    Complete care for your pet means more than just keeping your dog or cat up on his or her shots. We take a preventive approach, assessing your pet’s risks from day one and anticipating what it will take to maintain optimal health for life.

  • Veterinary Dentistry

    You know how important clean teeth are to your overall health, and the very same is true for your pet. We offer dental prophylaxis and surgery, with diagnostics aided by digital X-rays to correct most any oral health condition in our canine and feline patients.

  • Surgical Care

    Our veterinarians are trained in routine pet surgeries, and can perform more complex procedures as well. Always under the safest and most comfortable conditions possible for your pet.

  • Pet Nutrition & Behavior

    Have questions about the best foods for your senior cat? What about an unruly puppy going through a longer-than-expected housebreaking phase? Our team is all too familiar with these issues and more. Come in and we’ll be happy to provide expert consultation on any pet nutrition or behavioral concerns you may have.

  • Veterinary Pharmacy

    There are a lot of places to get pet medications, but we feel strongly that it is crucial to work with an experienced veterinary professional when it come’s to filling your canine or feline friend’s prescriptions. We offer the convenience of an online pharmacy as well as our own in-house pharmacy right here at the hospital.

  • Pet Boarding

    When you go out of town, leave your companion with a trained team who will keep him or her safe and sound. In addition to a secure facility and readily available veterinary services, your companion will enjoy a climate-controlled environment, fresh water and food, and plenty of interaction with our loving team each day.

  • End-of-Life Care

    We’ve always loved caring for animals, and we understand how hard it can be to say goodbye to a pet. Our veterinary team is here to guide you through the process should you ever have to make a life decision regarding your animal companion.

Blue Ridge Animal Hospital is dedicated to helping owners make the most of their time with a pet. If you have any questions about caring for your cat or dog or would like to schedule an appointment with a member of our veterinary team, please give us a call.